A Revolution in abacus training

Abacus & Mind Maths which is a proven program is very popular in more than 115 countries across the globe. The popularity of the course arises out of the various whole brain development benefits that this course offers.

Mental arithmetic and abacus classes are very popular in India since past two decades. Everyone knows about it, and multiple training institutes are available in all parts of India. Unfortunately most abacus institutions are using old methodologies and curriculum to train their children. Brainy abacus is way different. It has completely new approach in training to get the best outcome in children. We focused to creating new methodology of teaching and also curriculum to suit today’s children. We guarantee 100% precise learning."

Learning from Brainy Abacus will definitely give children an Edge since we believe that child can only master the subject if they have the basics right. The Major reason why a child loses interest in the program is their inability to master and understand the concepts well. At Brainy our Diziphyzi system ensures that the child's concepts and learning processes are always clear, and solves all the problems with clarity. Thus maintaining the interest and also benefiting from the Program. Brainy abacus is a new age program for today's children.

Brainy Abacus a division of Brain Child Learning International has been conceptualized to help cover the gaps and fulfil the needs of the current age learning patterns. The gaps which exist in the traditional format of Abacus Education also known as Mental Maths or Mental Arithmetic has been addressed in our new age & innovative curriculum with Diziphyzi methodology which is a combination of the Digital and Physical format of education to provide seamless and the best of benefits to children in Age group of 4 to 14 Years of Age.

"We evolve, develop and Inspire"

What is an Abacus? And how does it Work

Brain Child Learning was invited by The Net Group (Philippines) for a product presentation.

What is mind maths, using abacus

Brain Child Learning was ‘in action’ at Menara Telekom. Jason Teo and team presented to the Group Human Resource

How does mind maths help in brain development ?

Brain Child Learning conducted Balloonalogy, a new Brainy workshop for children between the age of 7 to 13.

Effective Teaching and innovative Style

We offer specifically designed program to provide the best in class experience and learning to our students. With constant training and innovation, our skilled team of experts and teachers have evolved a hybrid course that is so advanced that it eliminates all significant hurdles faced by regular students, teachers and franchisees, however maintaining the core authenticity of the 30 year old method of teaching abacus.

Abacus learning should be structured in such a manner that we are able to deliver the right benefits. Brainy Technical team has worked relentlessly to achieve a learning structure which will provide the right Imputes and guidance to the students to excel and get the maximum benefits of Abacus Training. The Foundation is what Matters and we have taken special care with our unique Hybrid System that the Students Learn the exact way it is supposed to be learnt to reap real benefits of the program.

The Brainy abacus has been developed keeping in mind the following Core objectives:

  • Our Curriculum is in tune with the new age digital requirements and enhances the core benefits of Traditional Abacus Learning Systems in a fun and interesting way.
  • The Curriculum provides Child Psychology based training and materials
  • We emphasize on learning the Abacus concepts the way it is supposed to be learnt, in the right way thus ensuring that each child is proficient & excels.
  • We offer a huge collection of different types of sums that are innovative and unique in nature aimed at giving more exercises to the Brain. This process has shown a remarkable increase in Brain development which is up to 150% higher
  • We have precise Systems in Place which helps us to maintain a standard deliver pattern along with superior content across the globe. Our Trainers are empowered with the best of resources and training.

The Most Effective and Result Oriented Course

As per the research of multiple Abacus training companies, data shows that unfortunately over 75% of the Children who join regular abacus course do not get the expected benefits hence resulting in waste of time for the children and money of parents. The traditional method of teaching Abacus had many flaws which are addressed in Brainy curriculum.

The Brainy Abacus technical team created a new avatar of the abacus course, based on research and analysis of 100,000 Children and after 2 decades of experience and with a simple philosophy.

If children can learn and practice the right way, Then only will they get Brain benefits as intended. Hence we invented Diziphyzi

Our team of experts have been Successful in Incorporating most of the short comings of the Traditional Method of teaching the Abacus which has been prevalent since the last 35 Years in Abacus Training Institutes globally.

Brainy Abacus program is the most effective and result oriented course which has many proven benefits.

Diziphyzi Making the difference

The Course is a combination of Physical Teaching by the teacher in the classroom and the personalised training and learning by the Application at home. This ensures that the child understands the Concepts at class, learns it well with the help of the Application and then does extensive practise to master the steps. Getting the best of both worlds Digital as well as Physical.

The Application is a one stop solution to online abacus related education, resources, and questions. The idea behind “Diziphyzi” was to ensure Clarity of Concept, anytime learning, training, and practice.

Diziphyzi – Enables Precise Learning + Precise Practising

  • Step 1

    Child attends the class learns from specially designed Books

  • Step 2

    Teacher teaches the new concepts and demonstrate on screen

  • Step 3

    Child learns and performs on physical abacus in the class with other children

  • Step 4

    At home the child matches the video in app to recall/revise the learned topics in the class

  • Step 5

    Child practices more sums on brainy app to become and expert, while our app act as a personal teacher

Our Physical Learning Thru Books, And Digital Learning Thru Mobile Application Ensures Concept To Clarity!

Concept to Clarity!

Thru our Brainy Application an integral part of Diziphyzi.

We at Brainy are committed to ensure that the children learns the Abacus the way it is supposed to be learnt. In the Diziphyzi Method we have introduced our mobile application that follows the Process of training which imitates the real life learning pattern of a child and also trains the child just like a personal trainer at home.

  • Step 1: Understand and revise the concept through the tutorials
  • Step 2: Solve sums in Learn mode where the App supervises and guides at every step – as a Personal Trainer at home
  • Step 3: Move on to practice mode where app guides only after the full sum is solved allowing faster solving speed, Application also offers hints or to help the children solve the Problems if needed
  • Step 4: When the Child moves to the Test Mode there is no interference by the Application. Instead the class trainer will help out the child if needed.

Amazing Math Leading to Amazing
Brain Power

Our Brainy App’s highly intelligent features give fully focused personalised attention on students Ensuring that each and every student Excels. The results are amazing. You will be able to see students perform such complex problems like :

87535 * 593 =
75830 / 59 =
63453 + 78976 - 25328 + 56347 - 23976 =

Etc. In a Matter of Seconds using just their Brain Skills. They will solve these problems without the use of any Physical Aid like paper, pen, calculator, computer etc. They will perform these sums using only their mental skills. This is only possible if the child has developed

Amazing Concentration, Focus, Logical and Analytical Skills, Strong working memory, Super Visualization and Photo Memory

Brainy Abacus Program strives to help children achieve their True Brain Potential.

Better brain skills leads to Success.

Program can benefit a child in many ways like:

  • Improvement in Focus & Concentration
  • Improvement in Self Confidence
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Memory (Visualization) Skills & Imagination Becomes Better
  • Mastery in Number Systems
  • Built Multitasking Ability
  • Better Auditory Functions (Improves listing skills)
  • Overall Academic Achievement
  • Proficiency in Maths
  • Betterment in Self Discipline & Development of fine motor skills
  • Enhanced Logical Capabilities and Creativity

Better brain skills leads to Success.


The Brainy Abacus Program is available for two age groups

  • Juniour Group

    Age 4 - 8 years

  • Senior Group

    Age 9 - 14 years

Age 4 to 8 Students will require around 30 Months to complete the whole program and the Senior Children from Age 9 to 14 will require 24 months to complete the program.

2 hours weekly classroom training
15 minutes daily practise through brainy application.

Problems Faced by Students in Traditional Abacus Classes & how
Brainy Abacus overcomes them.

Other Abacus Classes

  • No Personalized Attention possible in traditional classroom
  • Some Children use school methodology to solve sums and uses calculators for homework hence defeats the purpose of Learning Abacus system resulting less Brain benefits
  • Since Learning is Incomplete understanding is impossible hence chances of Dropout Increases and feels waste of money for parents and time waste for students.
  • Parents can’t help children well due to their lack of knowledge of abacus methodology and they also can’t get precise reports to analyse the need for help

Brainy Abacus

  • Diziphyzi Method ensures each child learns the way it is to be learnt in personalized way.
  • Since home work is done with help of mobile Application Each bead movement is compulsory and its Monitored hence actual learning and practicing happens leading to better brain skills.
  • Minimized Chances of Dropout as Student learns, understands and enjoys the classes
  • Parents are also able to access tutorials to see and also gets various reports hence parents are able to help IF needed and their involvement keeps student on right track.

Expect the best at Brainy

  • The Course Curriculum and delivery pattern has been designed by a company which has been engaged into brain development activities since 1990. We know children & their Brains, Better.
  • We have the most effective and result oriented course based on 20 Years of experience in Abacus Education
  • Students are bound to succeed since it comes easy with the Diziphyzi Method.
  • Our Application driven with Intelligente features is the No. 1 Application in the world which has intelligent features for personalized learning, Supervision, evaluation and guidance features.
  • Our trainers love teaching children and committed to giving their best.
  • All our Trainers are uniformly trained with systems in place to ensure uniform standards globally.
  • We provide the children with a platform to participate in national and International Competitions.

Inquire to Enroll your child today?

If you wish to enroll your child in an Institute that makes the child a priority then wait no longer. Just click on the student inquiry link and send us an Inquiry today. We will be more than happy to connect up with you and ensure the best training for your child. Inquire Now click on the link.

If you have any questions or wish to speak with us kindly click the link provided and send us a student Inquiry.


Brainy Abacus which has over 20 Years of experience and study of over 1,00,000 students Abacus education pattern has devised the Diziphyzi method of learning. The Diziphyzi method of learning is a combination of Physical education supplemented and strengthened by a Digital Application with Intelligent features which helps the child and allows them to transverse from Concept to Clarity thus giving them the ultimate Learning Experience. The Digital Application acts like a personalized companion which teaches, guides and helps the child learn and practice at their own pace.

The Main features of the Mobile Application are its ability to provide the Students with Intelligent features like

  • Personalized Attention - Learn Practice and Train which allows the students to clear the concepts and then practice the concept till they master it.
  • Unlimited Practice Ability to generate more than 1 Corer sums and equal number of explainer videos.
  • Personalized Supervision Monitors and guides student’s movement on beads in real time and provides assistance in form of Hints and video stimulation.

Brainy Abacus has a hybrid curriculum which is driven by the Diziphyzi Method a revolutionary method of teaching children. It combines both the digital and physical aspects of teaching. Brainy Abacus has managed to fill the shortfalls in traditional abacus education being practiced over 30 years through this unique methodology of teaching. Brainy Abacus is the best course that you give to your child.

Junior Program Age 4 to 8 Years Senior Program Age 9 to 14 Years
4 Stages each stage of 3 Months 8 Stages each stage of 3 Months
Number of hours per Week = 2 Hours Number of hours per Week = 2 Hours
Junior Students require 30 Months to complete the Program Senior Students will complete the course in 24 Months.

There are 2 age levels in our course, senior and junior. The junior-level includes a child of the age group between 4 to 8 Years. At the same time, the senior group includes age groups between 9 to 14 years.

Yes! With abacus tutoring, visualization, and practice, a child will easily solve complex problems in seconds. With improved visualization, problem-solving skills, concentration, and logic application, a child will experience an increase in their confidence level and better academic performance.

Abacus training provides overall brain development; therefore, with abacus training, children can polish their logical ability, memory, focus, and creativity.  

Yes! We are available at multiple destinations; you can check the same by sending us a student inquiry from our website with the choice of a city from a selection of cities available for student inquiry. Please contact us for further details.

We highly recommend that students must attend classes physically and interact and train with their teachers. However, there can be times when a child needs to practice and learn at home or otherwise than in a classroom, and it is here that our Diziphyzi Method comes into play; it helps them practice and train online. So yes we can provide Online Training if the need arises, but we would always insist on teacher led education if there are options available.

Based on our 20 years of experience in tutoring and nurturing children, we have advocated the importance of practicing; practice leads to perfection; therefore, dedicating a few hours in a class to abacus learning is not enough. A child needs to practice to polish and evolve their skills. Therefore training on an abacus at home is essential. We also acknowledge that parents might not be familiar with the abacus and find it difficult to guide their kids.

The fees will vary from country to country and also from city to city depending upon various factors. We would request you to send us a student inquiry with your chosen center to get a more personalized fee structure and counselling for your child.

All children who enroll in the Brainy Abacus program will be provided with a learning kit along with our Brainy Abacus Mobile Application login.

The Mobile Application login will be valid for a year but the access to content will depend on the progress of the course. For example if you have to discontinue the course from Stage 3 then you will only be able to access the content till stage 3 on the Application. Stage 4 will only be unlocked once you move into stage 4 in the classroom.

It is very difficult to generalize as every child is unique and their learning curve is also different but on a general level you should be able to see changes in your child from the Second stage of the program. You may discuss this with individual teachers as they would be able to guide you better once they start interacting with your child.

We take our trainers qualification very seriously since they would be the ones teaching your child. We ensure a high level of training to each and every trainer followed by a strict assessment and qualifying exam which they need to clear for each stage of the program. The training is also moderated by respective country and region Master Trainers. The assessment is not limited to a one of test it is a continuous process in which we take care to ensure that you child receives the best of training and care at our centers.

Your one point contact is your center people. Kindly connect up with them and they will help you resolve all the problems that you may have. The Application has an inbuilt Help facility which you can access. The Intelligent features on the Application will guide and help you in understanding the working better.

The Application is compatible on both Android and IOS platforms and ca be used on any type of Mobile Phone / Tablet or Hand held device.

Want to enrich the life of children?
Start a Brainy Abacus Franchisee Today!

It’s easier than you think

Brainy Abacus provides the prospective Entrepreneurs with a safe business model which is not very heavy on Investment but a great business to get big profits. The Abacus program is a very well accepted program across the globe and there are numerous examples and instances of people benefitting from this program in a large number of cities / towns and villages across the Globe.

With our Diziphyzi Curriculum and the ability to make learning easier, better and ensure proper learning will make Brainy Abacus a niche market player in this highly popular market. We are sure that Parents will always prefer Brainy Abacus when it comes to learning and experiencing the benefits of Abacus Learning.

Click on the link to inquire for a Franchise and learn more about the various models we can offer.


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