Course Structure

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The course is Divided into 8 Stages as Under.
Levels of Brainy Program

Delivery Pattern
Each level starts with a 2 days’ workshop related to child development courses which is usually conducted on weekends and then follow up class once a week for just 2 hours. Students are expected to practice from the child personality development program for just 15 minutes daily at home for better results.

Teaching Methodology
It’s not the traditional teaching at all, it is a brain development program for kids that is more like entertainment session in a classroom environment, and children just love that, it’s our primary requirement to bring children to their happy state, then only real learning takes place and children can perform their activities with fine results. Our teachers has developed this memory development course that create a strong bond with students with their affection, compassion and motivation they go the extra mile by showing entertainment videos to win student’s heart because we truly believe that
“If a child can't learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn."

Our standard of the teacher to student ratio is 1:4 that allows personal attention to each child and bringing out the best in them. We impart training in a creative way that suits a child’s playful, curious and passionate spirits. Our EQ based teaching inspires children to be sensitive, loving, wise, confident and kind human being.
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Every Brainy enrichment centre has mental fitness trainer and an owner who are very well trained to give personalised attention to every child and motivate them based on the child’s strengths. Our approach is based on proven psychology studies each of our trainers connects with child thru love and compassion and then allows children to learn in a playful and fun-filled environment. The learning environment is full of motivation that is unlike most schools. Children under brainy sensory enhancement program experience the quickening of their inner and outer senses through a loving approach to learning. They also experience unimaginable things that most people think is impossible such as mental reading, telepathy, and telekinesis and so on. It’s not a typical classroom learning, it’s a unique experience which they will cherish happily.

How soon will my child learn

Learning is quick and very easy for children, they are able to grasp activities in just 2 days of the workshop every level. And just after the workshop, you can observe them performing all activities including parapsychological. But, what are brain training programs and how do child brain development program work?

The objective of the most popular mind development course is not only learning it’s the training. Any kind of training is a long process, may it be, sports, musical instruments, education or muscle training. Here we are training the brain and mind so it takes practice and time to master the skills and gain long term benefits that we are expecting in the brain and mind. So it is advisable to undergo this popular memory training course in India at least 12 months of course for long term benefits. But if the goal is just to learn the activities then that is possible too, in a short time as the syllabus of mind development classes is very flexible. There might be some questions like

What is included in child brain development course? What are the top memory courses? Are these courses available in India? What are the brain development programs in India?

Content Synopsis

All our contents of Brainy SE are developed keeping Five Fundamental Focuses:

Whole Brain Development

Whole brain development

Using exercises for most regions of the brain such as frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal and limbic.

Specific focus on Right brain

That enables new skills such as Creative Visualisation, photo reading, wholesome grasping and photographic memory, which are not taught in any schools.

Control of brain waves

Children are taught to practice alpha and theta brain wave state using parapsychological activities.

Enhancing senses

Better senses, make us better learners, we encourage non-traditional sensory learning that develops the mind’s inner senses.

Raising Emotional quotient (EQ)

Through unique bonding with the teacher and giving real life values which reaches their subconscious mind to bring overall improvements.

Our students love to learn new parapsychological activity at each level such as Reading without seeing, telepathy, telekinesis, quantum reading, and so on. This popular memory training course in India is one of a kind experiential learning based on proven scientific principles and few hypotheses.

As we aim to bring about overall intelligence and happiness with these brain development activities for your kids, it can’t only be done by the child alone, parents have to play an important role by giving the right atmosphere at opportunity at home, and hence in most countries we do include parents’ orientation once every level as part of the course. This not only helps parents understand about the course child is going thru but also gives them tips on how to behave with children for better and faster improvements.

Brainy SE is internationally acclaimed programme that has benefited over 1,25,000 children and also touched the hearts of their parents through our specially designed parenting sessions.

Give a unique Gift to your child, a better Brain.