Good HandWriting is Gateway to Good Marks

Handwriting is an art and its improvement requires like all other art either an inborn talent or special training to hone the skill of writing. Many parents and teachers keep saying to children to improve their hand writing, but they fail to say how they can improve it. Even many teachers do not know appropriate techniques of improving the handwriting.
We all know and understand that having the art of good legible handwriting is an impressive tool in the educational life of a student.
Our Experts have designed techniques and methods to improve the Handwriting skills in a fun and easy way.
BRAINY Write Smart is a handwriting improvement course which provides amazing results by the end of the program.

Brainy Write Smart How it works

Handwriting stems from the combination of the Hand (Skill), Heart (Value System) and the Head. Handwriting is about developing the fine motor skills of the child and we aim to provide the children with valuable learning on how they can improve their handwriting. Brainy Write Smart helps Improves bad handwriting.

Do you want to improve the handwriting of your child then go for the Brainy Write Smart Advantage.

Advantages of Brainy Write Smart

  • 1

    The child becomes better organized and develops a better approach to writing.

  • 2

    Better handwriting helps in securing better marks.

  • 3

    Enhances the ability to comprehend his / her handwriting and thus communicate.

  • 4

    Child is able to write better and quicker. Develops the ability to pick up speed.

  • 5

    Child becomes confident in their regular classroom activities.

  • 6

    Better handwriting helps in overall academic excellence.

  • 7

    Helps the child rediscover lost self-esteem.

  • 8

    Can be related to fine motor skills.

Some of the most common reasons of bad handwriting

Over the years we have always attributed bad handwriting to various causes like inability to listen to instructions, laziness and have scolded children in an effort to help them write better.

Studies have shown that we may not be necessarily correct. Some of the major reasons that have been attributed to bad writing are as under:

  • The student’s inability to properly form letters or alphabets.
  • Difficulty in keeping the letters on the line - may not seem to understand the relative sizes of letters.
  • A cluster of alphabets in a smaller than required space, they tend to cramp the alphabets together.
  • The spacing between the letters is not proper which makes it almost impossible to determine where one word ends and another begins.

The Effect

  • The children tend to lose marks - even when they have written everything correctly.
  • Gives us a perception that the child is prone to poor quality work – Gives rise to low self-esteem and low morale.
  • The eventual fallout is that the child gradually starts losing interest in studies.

The Outcome is that we have children who write in an Illegible or Crude Manner in which the handwriting is near impossible to decode, even when the sentence formation is proper and all the spellings are correct.

Know how Brainy Write
Smart can help your Child

There are various facets for improving the writing of the child which starts from
  • To the amount of pressure that should be applied to get the right type of curves and joints between the alphabets.
  • The way the child sits down to write to the way the child holds the pencil or pen in their hand.
  • How they should decide the proper spacing between the letters so that they get the best result for their efforts.

Cursive handwriting is known to help in the increase of the thinking abilities of the child since they need to coordinate the fine motor hand skills and brain at the same time.

At Brainy Write Smart we focus on
the following

  • The Base

    The best way to get proper and beautiful handwriting is on getting the curves right and also being able to hold the pen at the right angle with the right grip. Apart from this we also need to dwell on the Alphabet formation after which we gradually progress towards words formation, sentences and then paragraphs. We also work with numbers and capital letters.

  • The Pace

    After having completed the Base part of the handwriting we move onto helping your child master the art of picking up speed and writing in a way that they do not compromise on the quality and the formation of the letters and the overall handwriting clarity.

To Give your child a head start and improve his academic performance. Enrol for the Brainy Write Smart Course Today!
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