Types of Franchise Available

At Brainy we offer popular education franchise and have different models to offer depending on the scale of investment and involvement that a prospective business partner would like to have. There are different types of education franchise available in India but Brainy is considered to be the best education franchise in India as well as top education franchise in India. Let’s consider the types of education franchise Brainy has to offer.


Typical Unit Franchise

This would be a standalone centre which would have the rights to market in the given location and area as finalised by the Franchise expansion team of Brainy. The agreement period for a unit franchise would be for three years and then can renew the agreement for another three years with a nominal payment.

Investment Range

will vary as per the course and Location selected.
Franchisee fee starts from 1,50,000 onwards.

City Franchise

You will be given control of the entire city and the person would be responsible for expanding and developing the centres in the city. You would typically be having a share in both the Technical Know-How Fees and the Royalty component. All the Unit Franchisees in the city would report to the city franchise and he would be responsible for their support.

Investment Range

Around 20 to 35 Lacs
(for Brainy's sensory enhancements)

Territory Master Franchise.

As the name suggests you will have control over a few districts and you will be responsible for expanding the footprints of BRAINY in these districts. You will have the authority to appoint a Unit Franchise and City Franchise. All City and Unit Franchisees will report to you. You get a share in Royalty and Technical Know-How Fees.

Investment range

25 Lacs to 45 Lacs.
(for Brainy's sensory enhancements)

State Master Franchise

You will control the whole state will be responsible for expanding the footprints of Brainy- the top education franchise in the state. All City / Territory and unit Franchisees would be directly reporting to the State Master Franchise.

Investment Range

40 Lacs to 80 Lacs.
(for Brainy's sensory enhancements)