Franchise Requirements

At BRAINY we believe that the process of earning should be a journey that you should enjoy. It should have a healthy mix of work that you enjoy and get a good return on the Investment that you have made.Every day at the BRAINY sessions we discover and add value to the young minds who come to us for their supplementary education.

Requirements for Becoming a Franchisee Of BRAINY

Investment BreakDown


Consists of the money invested for the Technical Knowhow, valid for a period of 3 months.


Premise Acquisition (Rented or Owned, as per BRAINY's requirements)

  • Around 750 - 800 ft2 space in a non-commercial area. net above the 3rd floor is required

Infrastructure and Interiors (eg. Music System, Furniture, Projector etc.)

  • An exhaustive list shall be provided upon request
  • Freedom to negotiate with local vendors to get the best prices, as franchisee controls these expenses


Start-Up Marketing Expenses (potentially around Rs 1.5 lakhs)

  • Designs shall be provided
  • Franchisee can get them printed locally at best negotiated payment terms and prices

Running Expenses (6 months estimate - potentially between Rs 3 - 6 lakhs)

  • Recurring expenses such as Staff Salaries, Rent, Office Expenses etc.
Educational Franchise Opportunity

ESTIMATED TOTAL PROJECT COST - Rs 10 - 16 lakhs (Inclusive of 6 months Operational Expenses)


  • This is where fixed running expenses meet Income
  • In our experience, Break Even shall be achieved upon the enrollment of 15 Students every month
  • The returns are based on a 3-year Business Projection
  • Admissions are directly proportional to the marketing expenses made

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