Figure out problems with your child before problem figures them out!
The strength and weaknesses of human brain can be gauged through each fingertip. Identify your child's strengths by overcoming weaknesses, scientifically.

Brain child learning's My DNA provides an opportunity to understand child's inborn capabilities with patented technology. Every child is special if one knows where he or she can excel the best.Imagine Sachin Tendulkar to be a doctor. Or consider Sonu Nigam forced into engineering. They might not be as successful as they are now in their field of expertise.A child blooms with full potential if guided on the right path from the beginning itself. And this is possible through My DNA dermatoglyphics test.My DNA is a fine blueprint that dwells into the depths and sheer fabric of human mind. It involves brain mapping that defines which method is best suited to impart knowledge to young brains. And this defines areas where one can built a successful career to excel.MY DNA offers a solution in Child Grooming with the accuracy up to 95%.The 3 vital approaches determined here are based on one's innate characteristics, inborn learning style and inborn intelligences & hidden talents by scientifically analyzing the finger prints.Recognizing Child's latent capabilities and redefining learning style with My DNA's unique dermatoglyphics test. Every child has a different pattern with which his or her mind learns new things. Get the edge with My DNA to harness their latent skills by adopting the style of imparting education.
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Knowing Child's innate characteristics helps

  • Recognizing effective method to handle, communicate, and interact with the child
  • Minimizing parent-child communication gap by identifying child's communication style
  • Know your child's in-born learning style such as Kinesthetic, Auditory, and Visual learner
  • Visual (spatial): Knowing if child is a sharp learner when it comes to learning with pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
  • Auditory (auditory-musical): Understanding if child's preferred learning style is best using sound and music.
  • And Kinesthetic: Identify if your child is a kinesthetic learner so as to impart knowledge based on the operation and body movement.
  • Differential learning style is essential for each child as they learn things differently. Identify correct method to educate child with the results of this test.
  • Make selection of the right school based on their teaching methodology
  • Makes child grasp more with less efforts in less time hence leaving extra time for more study work or play.
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Get to discover child's hidden talents with deep insights into their left brain and right brain

  • Maximize talents and potential of individual child
  • Avoid the trial and error approach to nurture specific skills based on the My DNA report
  • Prioritize the grooming and learning of child early in life so as to evolve successful in longer run

THE Purpose Of DMIT


Prioritising of identified strength
for creating a breakthrough opportunity.


Inspiring parents and children to derive report specific solutions.


A scientific reference that helps you align child's activities for academic and career enhancement.


Know child's strength and weaknesses.
Strike a healthy parents-child relationship

Brain Child Learning

Advantages of My DNA test reports for parents?

  • Understanding the precise pattern of how their kids learn
  • Knowing the ideal environment where their kids can flourish
  • Identifying areas of extra attention and avoid trial and error choices by discovering the right place for a child to excel.

Advantages of using My DNA test in child's education

  • Get to know your child's intrinsic qualities and latent talents.
  • Identifying learning style and suggesting ideal learning pattern for child to excel in career.
  • Easy to identify and focus on specific academic and extracurricular programs.
  • Know your child's hidden talents and nurture them to make "the expert."
  • Build confidence with focused learning.
  • Not wasting time in trying career choice as picking the right one gets easy.