Brainy Kindergarten

Innovation and play at its best

(BRAINY Kindergarten - A Division of Brain child Learning International, Malaysia. 14 Years of Experience – Presence in 13 Countries -Trained 1, 50,000 Students Globally.)

“ Change the Way your Child Learns! An International Curriculum which is developed on the Multiple Intelligence pattern Delivered with best practises of Montessori Education in a Play Way Method ”

About Brainy Kindergarten

Global Footprints with human Values

Brainy Kindergarten is a modern learning station/ space which aims at nurturing the young minds through unique blend of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory by incorporating best Montessori Practises and Reggio Emilia Light shadow play.

At Brainy Kindergarten learning is in a Play Way Method which is all about exploration, understanding, experimenting with lots of fun, joy and laughter.

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Core Values & Highlights of the Programme

Brainy Kindergarten’s Core Values are Child centric. We always believe that the child comes First. Keeping child welfare in mind following International Standards have been complied with:

Brainy Kindergarten
Curriculum Uniqueness

The Curriculum has been designed to enable our children to explore their inner Potential and also strengthen their learning by encouraging them to Inquire, Innovate and Interact

  • Inquiry based learning method
  • Balanced Approach Integrated Curriculum
  • High Importance on Verbal, Reading, Writing and Numeracy
  • Hands on Approach
  • Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills Development
  • Field Visits

Inquiry based learning method

The Curriculum is designed to include the Eight Multiple Intelligence as Proposed by Dr. Howard Garner

  • Verbal Linguistic
  • Mathematical Logical
  • Visual Spatial
  • Bodily Kinaesthetic
  • Musical Rhythmic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Naturalist
  • Existential

Balanced Approach Integrated Curriculum

We have ensured that the Curriculum has a mix of the best approaches internationally while retaining a balance between the joy of learning and inculcating new concepts for the children.

High Importance on Verbal, Reading, Writing and Numeracy

It is imperative that the children have a very good grounding ontheir Verbal, reading, writing and Numeracy skills as these are the building blocks and children at this age group are the fastest learners. We have placed utmost importance to their learning.

Hands on Approach

The Children will be encouraged to do things instead of just observing and learning. The Process of learning will be observe,practise and implement. This will provide the children with hands on experience of doing all things.

Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills Development

The early formative years of children are Important and hence the stress on the development of their fine motor skills and Gross Motor Skills.

Field Visits

Regular Field visits will be encouraged and organised so that the children can learn social interaction and also learn visually about the different roles of society at large.

BRAINY Kindergarten Focus Areas

Brainy Kindergarten’s Core Values are Child centric. We always believe that the child comes First. Keeping child welfare in mind following International Standards have been complied with:

  • Hygiene & Health

  • Academic
    Reading/Speaking & Numbers

  • Emotional & Social Grooming

  • Cognitive Skills Development

Hygience & health

For providing a safe and secure environment to our children we have taken care of the above points.

Emotional & Social Grooming


Reading, Speaking & Numbers

We have incorporated the following to achieve best delivery of Academics to our children.

Digital Content and Digital Application

Interactive Digital content has been used to help the children learn through way of exploration and play.

STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics)

These modules have been added to help the child in Current Modern Era. Focusing on STEAM early on builds a strong foundation for future learning.


Different concepts of Maths are incubated in a fun way which will encourage children to think and reason. Simple calculations are woven into the teaching pattern to help them understand addition, subtraction and absorb the maths learning from the world around them.

Reading and Writing

We introduce the Alphabets from Playgroup and use innovative tools like Sand paper Alphabets and carving lines to fine tune the child’s understanding of Reading and Writing.Tracing, reading along with Phonics will be one of the most important parts of his development.

Light Shadow and Play – Integral part of Reggio Emilia Approach

Light Shadow and Play has been used since ages for Storytelling and it is no great surprise that children run after shadows and the fading light invokes in them joy and play fulness. The Reggio-inspired approach strongly values using light as a material to help support active exploration and discovery. Using the combination of Light & Shadow we buil dstories and ideas which aid in the social and emotional development of the child.

Cognitive Skills Development

  • Our Curriculum has been designed to move the students from the lower order thinking skills (LOTS) to the higher order thinking skills (HOTS). Learning through the medium of painting, clay models, puppets and masks. Involvement of the children in making theme based events to bring out their best creative side. The Curriculum revolves around the Multiple Intelligence theory of Harward Gardner and Focuses On the Eight Multiple Intelligence
  • Verbal Linguistic / Mathematical Logical / Visual Spatial / Bodily Kinaesthetic / Musical Rhythmic / Interpersonal / Intrapersonal / Naturalist / Existential .
  • Cognitive Skills Development

    We have designed many activities which will aid in the development of the cognitive skills of the child like Memory, Concentration, Problem Solving, Visualisation and Linguistics. Light, Shadow and Play, repeated learning, Yoga are few examples of the activities designed for cognitive

  • Field Visits

    Children learn best when they see things in person. Teaching of vegetables/fruits, animals or a park, it is necessary that we supplement these with Field trips for the children. The Curriculum has inbuilt field trips that the school shall carry out so that our children can learn with joy in a practical

Programs at Brainy Kindergarten

Brainy Kindergarten offers age appropriate development by curriculum based on “Multiple Intelligence”. This is designed to help children learn and engage in a fun based learning environment.

  • Playgroup

    1.8 to 3

  • Nursery

    2.5 to 4

  • Junior

    3.5 to 5

  • Senior

    4.5 to 6

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