Improve Concentration Power in your Child


If you have a ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then you must follow the tips Bainy uses to increase the concentration power of your child. The core objective of Brainy’s program is to help students improve their levels of focus and concentration resulting in the increase in confidence.

Tips to Increase Concentration Power in your Child

Performing larger tasks for a long time can be overwhelming and difficult for little ones. Larger tasks can be daunting and can demoralize and frustrate children from achieving their desired goals. At Brainy we help them improve their concentration by making them follow the below given steps.

Divide Bigger Tasks into Smaller Ones

The faculty as Brainy breaks down any particular long task into smaller tasks that takes lesser time. For which child doesn’t feel burdened which ultimately gives them the satisfaction of having made progress in completing the assigned task successfully.

Minimize Distractions

Setting up an environment that is free from all distractions like loud music, TV noise, toys is important. Also, at Brainy we do not allow the use of mobile phones, browsing the internet which can easily help in increasing child’s concentration.

Spend Time with your Kids

In the Parenting Session which is conducted at the end of every level Workshop and During our Progress Meeting we stress on the need for parents to Spend more time with the kids even though you are busy with your work. This will create a positive environment at home as well as it will help them focus on their activities.

Use Fun Activities to Make them Focus

We at Brainy intermix work with play by letting him choose the activities in between study periods. May it be anything, he could play, listen to music or go to sleep.

Encourage Breathing Exercise

Sufficient amount of oxygen is necessary for the brain to function at its optimum level. Make your child perform basic breathing exercises to maintain adequate oxygen level. At BRAINY one of the major pillars of our training is Meditation and we ingrain in our students the practice of Deep Breathing.
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Read Bedtime Stories to your Child

We recommend parents to get storybooks of your child’s interest and read the stories aloud while your child is in rest mode. This will increase his listening skills and enhance his imagining and visual processing skills promoting concentration.

Schedule Activities and Set Goals

While assigning a task, Brainy ensures to set a time limit that will gently force our kids to finish the task within a specific time limit. We make sure that the time limit is neither too short nor too long to frustrate or distract them. We also reward them with gifts when they complete the tasks according to the timetable which will keep them motivated.
At Brainy, all the faculties take care that our children are motivated through appreciation, token gifts which will help them do well in their childhood as well as in adult life.